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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> we have breaking news this sunday morning, april sag. the coast guard continues to search for four missing sailors after their yacht ran aground during a race from san francisco bay to the farallon islands. and at least five people are dead in oklahoma after tornadoes erupt through the midwest. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's get started with a quick first look at the whether. here's our meteorologist, francis. >> good morning, everyone. i think you will like today. although we have cloudy condition conditions over parts the bay area. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s but we will warm one the sunshine. napa at 43 degrees. the fog has developed there and visibility is down to a fourth of a mile.
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elsewhere it's clear. for today you can look for the clouds to reseed back to the coast by noon for most of us and then you will see clear conditions, warmer this afternoon, hitting near 70 degrees inland. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. well, breaking news. the coast guard helicopter is searching the waters outside the golden gate in hopes of finding four sailors from a racing yacht that struck rocks yesterday near the farallon islands. three sailors were recovered and the body of a fourth before sundown. rescue crews have been searching all night in hopes of finding the four still missing. abc7 news reporter sergio reports from the st. francis yacht club. >> at the coast guard air station in san francisco international airport you can see the crew of this air national guard rescue helicopter after recovering the victim of this crash. >> three people have been rescued. two by a coast guard helicopter, one by an international guard
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helicopter. the international guard helicopter also picked up a a a deceased person. >> the coast guard has not released any information about anyone aboard the low-speed chase yacht. >> i heard may day calls on the radio. >> mark was sailing a charter crew near the island and was not part of the race when he heard the distress calls. he said it was a tough day to be out on the water. >> the waves were 10 to 15-foot. there were treacherous. there were waves coming from different direction so there was a koss pattern of waves. >> search crews are using helicop, and boats. they are still looking for the four people missing. >> there's a possibility they are in the water, don't know what kind of emergency suits
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they have on or whether they have life jackets so it's critical that we find them. >> word spread pretty quickly at the st. francis yacht club where the race started and ended. some of the participants in the race are hoping for the best for the people who are still missing. in san francisco, abc7 news. and more break being news. just as foster feared a string of tornadoes in the midwest has left at least five dead in oklahoma. 29 others are injured as search crews continue to look for victims. this is new video this morning from northwestern oklahoma in the town of woodward where those deaths occurred. the twister touched down just after midnight, destroying homes and businesses. woodward's mayor said warning sirens may not have sounded this time, even though they did work during storms yesterday afternoon. in western iowa authorities say 75% of the small town of. this urman is described from
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tornadoes. we have more. >> this is exactly what forecasters feared, a funnel cloud bearing down on oklahoma. one. dozens of tornadoes reported to have touched down across a wide swath of the midwest. 11 states are under threat for severe weather. oklahoma, kansas and nebraska at any risk for tornadoes it. is it. today is the big one you train for, you ramp up for, and you want all hands on deck. >> forecasters have been at it for hours trying to determine the greatest areas of danger. >> three inch hail at st. petersburg at 3:26. >> this is why. a tornado tore through norman, oklahoma, leaving behind downed trees and power lines, damaged homes, and injuring 19 people. ryan west managed to warn his wife and son to head to the basement just second before a twister hit their home. >> i was trying to call her and text her to see if she was okay
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and she wasn't answering. i see all the trees collapsing and i thought, oh, my god, she's dead, she didn't call me back, and i see her, thank god everything is okay. >> it's not over yet. forecasters are warning residents to prepare for unpredictable weather. >> this is only the second time in history the storm prediction center issued a high risk warning more than a day in advance. from norman, oklahoma. >> back here investigators are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire in san francisco's castro neighborhood. it started around 10:00 last night at sanchez street and market. firefighters were able to quickly get it under control. one person hospitalized with serious injuries. the red cross is assisting at least two people who are now homeless. fire crews also rescued a cat from that building. in the south bay san jose police continued their investigation into an apparent
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murder huff suicide. violence taking place with a baby in one victim's car. it happened at a busy shopping center on east capital express way >> we found a 17-month-old baby in one of the vehicles associated with two of the individuals. child protective services has the baby at this time. >> the names of the man and woman involved have not been released. here is what police say happened. around 9:30 yesterday morning the driver of the bmw parked, got out of his car, walked up to a woman standing a few feet away shot her and then shot himself. people eating there ran outside to help but it was too late. >> i ran over by where the body was on the ground. i looked to see if he was breathing. there was no breathing. i didn't see his shirt moving and i seen a group of people gathering around the girl on the ground overthere. >> police found a handgun near the body. investigators are not speculating on a possible motive. the modesto man who killed
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two men last week, including a deputy sheriff serving an eviction notice, was known as a paranoid recluse. that was the description given by people who lived in the building. he was wearing a vest and surround by assault weapons. the company responsible for carrying out the eviction admits there was a dangerous process. >> there have been comments from neighbors that there were weapons on the premises, that the door was heavily fortified, so much so i indicated it was the most fortified door i had ever seen in my profession. >> the deputy sheriff and a locksmith were shot to death thursday morning, beginning a standoff that ended only when a fire broke out. suspect has not been positively identified. volunteers will be back out again this morning look for morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. the 15-year-old was last seen back on march 16th.
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yesterday more than 400 people walked the neighborhood and hiked through hilly, grassy, muddy terrain look for the missing cheerleader, but they found no signs of her. >> i do know having the community support and the team support and the media support for keeping the message out there does help. that's what we are going to keep doing, is keep getting the message out there and keep everybody with their eyes open. >> anyone who wants to help can report to the "find sierra search center" at the burnett elementary school this morning starting at 8:00. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is negotiating to prolong her stay in her native venezuela. today san francisco chronicle reports that ms. lopez is communicating through intermediaries with about mirkarimi. he's under court order to have no contact with her. she's under court order to return to san francisco on
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april 28th. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment involving a domestic abuse incident and has been suspended without pay. it was mirkarimi's refusal to allow his wife and son to visit her family in venezuela that led to the couple's new year's eve argument and the bruising of her right arm. up next, secret service scandal. allegations of heavy drinking and prostitutes. the latest on this scandal affecting president obama's trip to colombia. and people around the world commemorate the 100th anniversary of the titanic, including a ceremony above the spot where the famed ship went down. 3q lysol knows the soft places we love
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>> a growing scandal is affecting president obama trip to colombia. 11 secret service members are ordered to leave and return to the u.s. we have the latest. >> the scandal is an unwanted distraction tore president obama. essivessing the summit of americas. members of his team were relieved of their duties and sent home. many of the men were accused of drinking and soliciting profit statutes. it doesn't involve those agencies you see guarding the president every day. they were working on security in advance of the president's visit here. >> he was made aware of it but beyond that i'm not going to characterize his reaction. >> but the accusations were serious enough for the secret service to pull the entire unit out thursday before the president arrived. another team was flown in to replace them. >> to take chances like this and to compromise security like this is a scandal. >> the agency said at no point was the president's security
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compromised. the secret service in a statement is promising a thorough investigation. the secret service takes all allegations of seriously. the entire matter has been turned over to the office of professional responsibility which serves as the agency's internal affairs component. the last time the secret service faced this kind of public scrutiny is when agents allowed the now infamous party crashers to attend a steak dinner september of 2009. >> if found guilty of misconduct in the scandal, the secret service personnel could face rep command possibly lose their jobs. in colombia, abc news. the former vice president dick cheney made his first public appearance three weeks after getting a heart transplant. he spoke at the wyoming republican state convention in cheyenne yesterday, he was joined on stage by his daughter, liz. the form ehrhoff vp said heather ishimaru use prevented him from
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getting involved in this year's primaries, but he urged people to get behind mitt romney. a new leader has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his father four months ago. north korean president praised the achievements. his father and grandfather as they mark 1900th birthday of the country's founder. yesterday's first televised speech by the young leader comes two days after a failed rocket launch. people all over the world are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the titanic disaster. at 9:47 pacific time last night a moment of silence was observed on a ship directly over the spot where the titanic went down in the north atlantic, about 400 miles off the coast of newfoundland. a ship carrying descendents. titanic passengers and history buffs were there to mark the anniversary. more than 1500 people died when it sank back in 1912.
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a few hours after the ship struck an iceburg just before midnight on april 14th. well, francis is in for lisa argen this morning. hi. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everything. i think you will like today's forecast. we have a lot of sunshine in start for us. here's a live shot right now. there are some coastal clouds, even some patchy fog. i'll tell you where and when you can expect to see the sun shine coming up. >> all right, thank you, francis. also coming up, the giants get a walk off victory on a night they need an uplifting win of a receiving some bad news about one of their all-stars. mike shumann has the details coming up in sports.
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or... you could go in the other direction, and see what happens. pick the right team. with over 6 times the 4g lte coverage, verizon is the obvious choice. >> now that the weather is nice again it's a good time to get out and enjoy san francisco's street program. 11 to 4 sections of the highway and golden gate drive will be closed to traffic so people can get outside and enjoy various activities safely. this is the second sunday streets event for this year. and francis is in to talk about the weather. it should be nice for that and anything else people have going on? >> yeah. it's a great time to be outdoors. i think today you are going to-like it. i think folks enjoyed it yesterday and today going to be warmer. so here's a live look outside to show you what it looks like
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right now across the golden gate bridge. there is some fog developing in the north bay and we will have some coastal clouds that moved in, will move in into the bay area as well. i want to quickly take you to the national radar map and show you the line of storms moving through the midwest. now, the tornado watch in oklahoma is set to expire in the next hour. but still there will be severe weather throughout the planes and into missouri, kansas, oklahoma and the severe weather into the midwest. and even see the red and yellow there. that shows you some very strong winds and flooding possible, as well. here's a look right now at temperatures if you are heading out shortly. we are in the 50s in some locations 50s in san francisco, napa, fairfield and concord and also 40s out there in santa rosa and san rafael. this is where you see the fog develop. limbed in parts of the north
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bay. santa rosa down to a fourth of a mile as well as novato and along half moon bay. those clouds reducing visibility as well. right around the immediate bay area visibility pretty good and into the east bay. we start off with morning low clouds and by this afternoon a lot of sunshine for everyone. temperatures a little bit warmer and guess what, it's going to be dry and warm all week. so we were look for that chance of rain wednesday. doesn't look like it's going to happen. so we have the area of high pressure, and this is the front that we thought might sweep in wednesday, but it's looking like it's going to stay farther north and that gives us the warmer conditions all week. in fact, it's even look like we are going .o get into the mid-70s next weekend. here's how the forecast model plays out. so we will see the low clouds pull back to the coast. by midmorning is should be very clear in the interior areas, and then this afternoon we might still see some patchy coastal clouds along monterey, and along half moon bay, so that's why temperatures along the coast
5:21 am
won't warm up as much. but it's still going to be a nice day ahead for everybody. so take a look at the temperatures which you can expect for today with a lot of sunshine. we will see 70 degrees in fairfield and antioch. san francisco 62, half moon bay 66. still cool here but getting up into the 60s. and then upper 60s around the bay and even parts of the north bay. also if we check out monterey bay, we will hit 71 in morgue hill. look for 59 in monterey with some of those clouds maybe still along the coast and 68 in santa cruz. so it's a nice day to head to the beach and also a wonderful day to head to the game. sunny conditions this afternoon with temperatures right around 62 degrees. if you are heading to the game, you should get lots of sunshine. bring your sunscreen this time. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. so we've got warmer conditions today. getting up to 70 degrees. yay! , more spring like temperatures. a slight cool down with partly
5:22 am
cloudy condition on wednesday but more sunshine into next weekend. >> lovely. >> i love filling in for lisa when the weather is nice. >> exactly. thank you, francis. you talk about the giants game so let's check out sports this afternoon. ryan vogelsong makes his first start of the season against the pirates as the giants go for the series sweep. last night they won in dramatic fashion as fans learned one of the team's all-stars is probably going to be lost for the season. here's mike shumann with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the giants got some very bad news yesterday. an mri shows closer brian wilson has structural damage and has an issue with a ligament in his shoulder. season ending surgery is likely. he will meet with the surgery which could mean tommy john surgery. he was bothered by what he called an ankle injury in his last appearance thursday in colorado. here's bruce bochy. >> i feel terrible for willie.
5:23 am
i i know how hard he's worked. he says it, and we're going to move on and the old will will -- willie will be bag. but right now we will go with our 25 guys and find a way to get it done. >> and at&t, the first inning. neil walker lines a single into the hole. two runs scored. 2-0, bucks. and emmanuel ties the game with an rbi single that scores nate schierholtz. he looks strong in his second start. allowing just two earned runs in seven innings. to keep the giants in it. go to the ninth. game tied with the ways loaded. the grounder to clint. looks like an out but he throws it in the dirt. giants walk off with the 4-3 victory. seattle look to get over the .500 mark. second inning crushed to deep center off tommy malone. he was 2 for 3 with 3 rbi. 1-0, mariners. that's all hector needed.
5:24 am
six strikeouts, 5 hits in 8 shutout innings. a's blanked for the second time in four innings. 4 hayforks the final. st. louis looking to win game two. there are shark fans in st. louis and they couldn't have liked this start. a minute in, the slapper slips through niemmi's hand. they try to rescue the puck. knocks it in. 1-0, blues. to the second. to back us. he scores. 2-0, blues. then it gets physical. to the third. now 3-0. as time winds down we have an all-out war on the ice. five-on-five fighting. blues win it, 3-0 to tie the series at one game a piece. expect a battle in game three here at the tank on monday night. well, the warriors were getting a center. david lee could miss the rest of the season with a strained groin from a stress reaction in his hip. richard jefferson also out with a swollen knee.
5:25 am
l.a. took advantage early. given over biedrins draws. for the jam. jordan another spike. clippers up 195:30 in. tried again from downtown. he had 18 the first half. warriors down just one at the break. nate robinson, huge off the bench. the floater for two of his season high 28 points. chris paul takes over down the stretch. 28 points, 13 assists. this one to eric bledsoe for the flush. clippers go on to win 112-104. are you ready to football? i know it's springtime but i can never get enough no matter what i'm of year. how about the stanford string game at the stadium. they are looking for a quarterback to replace this guy, andrew luck. nottingham came in with the upper hand but a little mistake here. picked off at the goal line. his competition, josh nunez, looking good. throwing on the run. a great catch here for six. these two showing a little chemistry. nunez again to montgomery for the touchdown.
5:26 am
the cardinals beat the white 39-29 and after the game the coach talked about his young quarterback. >> we have to get him the entire playbook as we did in the last couple years. we gave him enough. we wanted to challenge him mentally and didn't want to just give him the easy stuff and let him go out there. that's just not how we want to play. >> that's the way the ball bounces. see you again tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. in southern california a dog's loyalty is being praised by animal control officials. this video posted on youtube shows a black lab staying very close to her golden retriever friend that had been struck by a car. she braved traffic as vehicles rolled by dangerously close. while the retriever could not be saved, the lab, grace, is now in the care of l.a. county animal control. despite tv news coverage no one has stepped up to say, hey, grace is my dog so she will
5:27 am
likely be put up for adoption very soon. still ahead, new pressure from president obama on mitt romney to complete his taxes and release them, as tax day nears. and big changes ahead for san francisco voters. the new districts that could affect how some people vote.
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5:29 am
>> welcome back. are you among the millions of americans spending at least part of this weekend scrambling to finish your taxes? well, this morning there's pressure from president obama on mitt romney to finish his taxes and to release them. here's abcs david curly. >> for the first time, and just after he released twelve years of his own tax returns, the president directly called on his likely opponent to match his move. >> absolutely. i think that it's important for any candidate for public office
5:30 am
to be as transparent as possible. >> romney has released just one tax return, and just asked for an extension for this year. meanwhile in his weekly address -- >> by voting for the buffett rule -- >> mr. obama continued his campaign for a change to the tax code named after a millionaire. >> the buffett rule. >> the buffett rule >> the buffet rule. >> the so-called buffett rule would require those making more than $1 million to at least pay the same rate as the middle class, 30%. it's warren buffett and said he shouldn't pay a lower rate than his secretary, and the american public seems to agree. a gallop poll just out shows 60% of americans say congress should pass the buffet rule. 37% say it's a bad idea. >> the tax deadline has been extended until tuesday, april 17th sense monday is a holiday in washington d.c. the looming tax deadline gives two california celebrities very little time to pay up. lionel richie could be in big
5:31 am
trouble. the singer o's the federal government more than $1 million in unpaid taxes. there are reports a lien has been issued and his assets may be seized if he doesn't cough up the dough. and former "baywatch" actress pamela anderson o's more than half a million dollars. neither celebrity has issued a statement regarding their delinquent taxes. san francisco voters could see some changes at the policy. some may know longer be voting in their usual districts. last night a san francisco redistricting task force made the final changes to a majority of the city's districts. abc7 news reporter shows us the new math. >> this is the final meeting of the san francisco redistricting task force. after 30 meetings since last august, a final district map was accepted. >> i'm happy to say that we now have an approved final map. thank you all. >> the new map adjusts the cities 11 districts according
5:32 am
mainly to population. task force had to consider not diluting the voting power of minorities, district cultural aspects and keeping neighbors intact. the black shows the newly-drawn lines. eric macdonald has been the chair of the task force. he said this will change the political character of the city. >> it probably has implications for who they are represented by in terms of a supervisor, has implications tore how their new community now gets represented. >> the 200 census found the city's population increased by about $30,000 people. as you see, some districts had lines redrawn in order to take a percentage of population away from one district to add it to another to balance the numbers. many of these meetings were packed with residents fight to go keep the status quo. >> we had to defend the inner sunset to keep it in the district where they vote the same way that we vote. >> the san bruno area by highway 101 was taken from district 10 and added to district 9. we had trouble finding someone
5:33 am
who knew of the change. >> doesn't matter what district you are? >> no. >> 14th street and valencia business owner, alex, said whoever now represents his district needs to take care of business, literally. >> as long as they pay attention to the businesses and for the better area, better neighborhood. >> the map will be presented to the full board of supervisors this tuesday. city voters will find out what district they live had in when they get their november voting packets. >> abc7 news. >> the community effort to save a daly city bowling alley continues with a last ditch rally today. sarah goal is shutting down for good at the end of business today. it's been in operation since 1951. the own everybody of the property simply wants to do something else with the property and has told the management to get out. devastated league goalers plan to hold a rally and sign a pegs as they tell stories of what sarah goal has meant to them for all these years.
5:34 am
>> i have actually bold there, francis. >> you know, i have always wanted to go. i always see it. i haven't gone bowling in ten years. if you want to do that or anything else today outdoors, i think it's a nice day to do that. >> right. >> we will show you a quick, live shot outside. we are look down at the embarcadero. not as windy today and we have more sunshine. i'll have some good news with the accuweather seven day forecast coming up. >> thank you, francis. also coming up, a so journ to the past. three bay area colleges teaches the lessons of the civil rights movement with one
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time right now is 5:36. thank you for waking up with us on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is april 15th. usually tax day. but, well, monday is a federal
5:37 am
holiday or -- taxes aren't due until the 17th. let's just put it that way. so you have a couple more days to scramble. a new u. c. davis study suggests a link between obesity during pregnancy and autism. it's the first i'm researchers linked autism with weight. abc7 news reporter heather has the story. >> this 7-year-old was diagnosed with autism when he was four. his mother said he had a seizure right after an infant immunization and she thinks there's a connection between that shot and his autism, though that theory has been rejected by researchers. now a new study says obesity during pregnancy might increase the chance of autism, but ronny said her weight was always normal, before and during pregnancy, and she tries to dwell not on discovering a cause but focusing on his needs now. >> obviously i would love to find what caused this, and then
5:38 am
i think intervention is really key, though. it's hard to find out when your child is special needs, you know. but i think the quicker the intervention, it's better for everybody. >> the davis study looked at 1,000 californian children 2 to 5 years old. nearly 700 had autism or other developmental delays. more than 300 did not have those problems. on average, there there is a 1 8 chance of having a child with autism. the davis study shows obesity during pregnancy increase that is chance to 1 in 53. >> what we found is that the children with autism or autism spectrum disorder were more likely to have a mom who had been obese during pregnancy or had diabetes or hypertension and that was about a 60% higher risk. >> the study senior author said all three of those conditions share chronic inflammation and increased insulin levels but that's just a jumping off point for more research.
5:39 am
>> exactly how that would affect the brain of the fetus is not very well-understood. >> there needs to be more work to show how those condition can actually increase the risk of you having autism. i think it's pretty preliminary. but it kind of adds another suggestion as to why it's not a good idea to be obese when you are getting pregnant. >> the u. c. davis researchers say they would like to see more studies on environmental factors contributing to autism. abc7 news. >> the national forest surrounding lake tahoe will be getting a much needed trim this summer. the u.s. forest service has received the okay to begin a major forest thinning project. the goal is to reduce the threat of a catastrophic wildfire by removing a lot of potential fuel. the project has been pend being since 2004. in 2007 the fast-spreading fire destroyed 250 homes near emerald bay. well, lisa is taking a couple of days off.
5:40 am
francis, our meteorologist, is in instead. >> yes. we have a nice day in store for us. i think you will enjoy the nice change from such a rough week we had last week. we will show you a live shot. a look outside. clouds over parts of the bay bridge spilling in from the coast. we even have some fog developing in parts of the north bay. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. 50 in san francisco. napa, fairfield. and 41 in los gatos. check out santa rosa, 44 and 46 in san rafael. in the north bay where we have fog developing, visibility is down to less than a fourth of a file in novato and down to a fourth in santa rosa. elsewhere it's pretty clear. in half moon beer it's down to a mile. we have the low clouds to deal with in the morning. by this afternoon a lot of sunshine for everybody. then it's looking dry and warm all week. we are even going to see some mid-70s by the end of the
5:41 am
week, into saturday. and here's why. as we look at our satellite radar image, that storm has moved east. we have high pressure over the pacific. then we've got this clockwise flow, and that's going to give us these warmer and dryer conditions all week. we have that storm system we were watching and these clouds. at the southen of it we thought it could hit the north bay but it doesn't look likely at all at this point. here's how it plays out for the morning. so cloud cover, pulling back to the coast. by midmorning very clear in the east bay, south bay. and then even into the afternoon it looks like we will still see some clouds along the coast, around half moon a bay and even into monterey. temperatures will be warming up for everybody in the east bay, but along the coast not a big warmup. in fact, it might be similar to yesterday's temperatures. so around 60 degrees in half moon bay, 62 in san francisco. look for 70 in fairfield and antioch and livermore getting up to 69 degrees today.
5:42 am
67 in san jose. some 60s, as well, even some low 70s through morgue hill and gilroy. 6 santa cruz. but with the clouds in monterey keeping it to 59 degrees. that's your high for today. and if you are traveling around the state, it's a mild one today, especially in los angeles, partly cloudy conditions. palm springs getting up to 78 degrees. tahoe partly cloudy at 53 and you're reeka at 56. the rain will be moving into eureka for monday. here are the climatology numbers through yesterday. just in case you are wondering how we are doing in terms of rainfall. so santa rosa is where we have the most rain year to date. almost at 23 inches. but% of normal still under 70%. and we had quite a jump in all the other locations. in livermore 8.65 inches so we are close to 60% of normal. and here's what you can expect. no more rain. you can give the umbrellas a
5:43 am
rest. dry and warmer today. we are going to get into the 70 degrees in the inland locks, even warmer and more sunshine through tuesday. partly cloudy condition on wednesday. and then a nice warm up for the weekend. >> after all those wild lightning strikes and rain last week. >> yeah, and it's nice to have a break. a well deserved one. >> thanks, francis. well, for many years we've been report on a program that teaches bay area high school students about the civil rights movement by traveling through the south. well, now there's a new version of the program at the college level. one of the professors is right out of the history books. >> who has the institutional power? any ideas? >> she's not rosa parks or dr. king, but millie jean brown milky is absent from most history books. >> they didn't mention her name.
5:44 am
there was very little information. every section i look for that talks about african americans in history is very small. >> now in front of students at skyline college in san bruno is a missing chapter. one of what came to be known as the little rock. >> when the time comes for equalization, we are. >> 16-year-old mini jean and others volunteered to have the first black students to enroll at all-white central high in little rock, arkansas back in 1957. this, after the u.s. supreme court ordered the desegregation of all the nation's schools. carrying that out in arkansas required presidential intervention and federal guards to deal with angry white mobs. it was a pistol point in the civil rights movement. >> on that first day, watching all that opposition, i said, oh, i'm coming pack no matter what. >> her story is one that former day area high school history teacher jeff steinberg wanted his students to learn firsthand.
5:45 am
so starting in 1999 he began loading up buses and heading down south, stopping to introduce his classes to ordinary people who did extraordinary things during that challenging time. >> i want them to know that at 16 you can take responsibility, and you must. >> when they are no longer here, who is going to continue the legacy if we don't know the stories? too much pain, too much sacrifice. we need to know the stories so they get passed down from generation to generation. >> so far more than 6,000 students have taken part of his program, called sojourn to the past. it was recently honored by michele michelle obama at the white house. >> not everyone can take the bus trip through the south so the lessons of the civil rights movement have now come to a classroom near you. >> community organizing is a very interesting thing. >> and now for the first time
5:46 am
mini jean brown tricky and jeff steinberg are team teaching at three bay area colleges, including skyline. >> i can't explain how honored i am to have her teaching a black history class. >> i feel like it's an integral part of our history and who we are as a nation and she is the key. >> this 70-year-old, a living lesson in courage. and that program is taking place at skyline college, the college of san mateo, and kinyada college. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> some call e-books the way of the future. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, why book publishers may be holding back that future, at least to the public only $79.99 for a lucid by lg ? i can get a smartphone with verizon 4g lte ? it'd be so easy to check facebook, send emails. and the screen is easier to read in sunlight ! the universe is practically telling me to get a smartphone.
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>> quell come back. it's 5:39. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. we put up with rain, thunder and lightning last week. now comes the positive pay back. beautiful weather all week. thanks for getting up and joining us on this sunday morning. best buy has announced the locationings of the 50 stores it plans to close this year. two are here in the bay area. the company will shut the doors of its pittsburgh and east palo alto stores. the struggling electronics chain is losing ground to discounter target, as well as best buy lost almost $2 billion in the last quarter. a recent survey finds one out of five of us has read an e book in the past year. but if the major publishers get their way, you won't be getting e-books from the library.
5:50 am
7 on your side's michael finney explains why. >> an early morning crowd recently gathered inside the digital bookmobile in vallejo. it is on a national tour to answer questions about e-books and tablets. >> oh, they are huge and growing by leaps and bounds. we noticed a big increase in use after the december holidays when many people received gifts of e readers and tablets. >> three, two, one! [cheers and applause] >> was this a hoopla over the release of the final harry potter book back in 2007. the book has just become available as an e book this month as libraries. but more recent titles may be harder to find. >> i think it's a challenge. if you are going to get them through the library. >> a survey of major publishers found mcmillan, simon and
5:51 am
schuster and scholastic refused to sell most of their e book title to go libraries. penguin terminated its contract with an e book distributor back in february. and hatchet currently releases only those books published before april, 2010. the only major publishers to make their e-books widely available through libraries are harper collins and random house. >> they see them as a source of greatly increasing revenue to the general public, but they are worried about piracy. >> overdrive is a major distributor of e-books and sponsor of the digital bookmobile national tour. >> it varies by different publishers and it's really just trying to going out the best way to distribute the con don't. >> the san francisco public library began lending out popular titles on e-books three years ago. right now about 3.5% of all the books checked out in san francisco are e-books. usage has tripled just in the past year. >> everyday from the public
5:52 am
library about 1,000 e-books and e-audio books are being checked out and about 29,000 print books and print media are being checked out. >> libraries see those digital numbers increasing with younger readers being among the early adopters. libraries continue to work to try to get the publishers on board. >> we are in the very beginning stages of this process so everyone is just -- we are just trying to make it as easy as possible. >> each of the pushlishers mentioned were contacted. penguin says it will continue it's ongoing talks to work out the right model. simon and schuster is in search of a business model it says it can feel comfortable with. harper collins has found success limiting the number of times an e book can being checked out before a library needs to relicense. scholastic, which specializes in children's books, makes its e-books available through schools. the other publishers did not respond to our inquiries. i'm michael finney, 7 on your
5:53 am
side. >> coming up, a pain staking task, taking weeks to create a few seconds of fill being. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez sits down with the director of "the picking a wireless network is a lot like picking a team. you could go with the fastest, most reliable, and at the very least, talented at what they do.
5:54 am
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numbers from last night's $8 million super lotto plus. 1, 3, 19, 36, 45. the meganumber 8. no one got all six numbers right. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $9 million. imagine working for weeks on a movie set to get just a few seconds of film. that's what it took to make "the pirates, band. misfits." don sanchez looks at the painstaking task through the eyes of the director. >> at last! i'm a pirate captain! and i'm here for your gold. >> he wants to be pirate. the year.
5:56 am
but ice not easy in this new 3-d film with the technical requirements. when peter and lord started, the figures were clay. now they are silicone. they move, talk, show expression in the time-consuming process of stop action. >> to make it move, to make him a bit live, the animator moves him a little bit like that. moves a little bit and they can move the hand, they can move the finger. >> twenty four times a second. >> i've got some 250 different moves. i can take one off and put a new one on. >> each for a different sound or mood. there are at least 25 of the lead character figures because multiple crews are shooting scenes at the same time. the ship is a real model 15 feet long, 20 feet high. >> all right. hurry up, lad. >> hugh is the pirate captain's voice. much morrow bust than we've heard them.
5:57 am
they have some fun at the expense of queen victoria >> he doesn't get very good press. >> he doesn't think it will affect his able to command a empire, if it's needed. it is based on a book series. there may be a second film but if this is an indicator, it will take some time. >> from picking up the book to the last sound effect was like five years. >> my, goodness. >> the pirates band of misfits is in theaters april 27th. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> see, i told he you! >> coming up next at six, one person is dead, four are missing after a boat runs aground on the farallon islands. tornadoes erupting across the midwest have killed at least
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